My name is Silviana. I have been packing, unpacking and re-packing my suitcases for about 14 years now that my suitcases are always rickety. I have lived in 5 countries, and I am currently based in Paris, France. Living in the city of macarons, éclairs and croissants has granted me easy access to beautiful French countrysides as well as other neighboring European countries. 

This is where I write about anything that comes up in my mind. I'm not an organized person, so this is my way of decluttering and categorizing my thoughts and memories. Sometimes I write about my trips, the places I visited and the food I devoured. But other times, I write about my thoughts that have nothing to do with traveling. My personal journey navigating through life, if you will.

Writing is one of my oldest friends. I see it as a safe haven that makes my world a little less lonely, one post at a time.